Born April 23, 2022
Premium Foal & Reserve Champion Filly, ISR/Oldenburg Sport Pony Division

Sire: Wicked Courjtester/Oleander
Dam: Hoppenhof's Silvia/Neiwmoeds Patrick

This is somewhat bittersweet for us as this will be the last foal from this combination which in the past has produced outstanding offspring for us. We have made the decision to retired Hoppenhoff"s Silvia at the age of 23. She is in excellent health and well deserves her retirement on the farm.

Wraine is no doubt going to continue in the long line of exceptional offspring from these two, scoring high on conformation and movement the Judge gave the Champion filly award to her pasture buddy and Wraine came in a very close second place, giving her Reserve Champion Filly Award. She has power, elegance and intelligence all needed for the upper levels of which she is destined.

For the reasons above we are only offering Wraine to an approved show home.

SOLD! Congratulations to Emily Black