Born May 2nd, 2022
Filly, ISR/Oldenburg Sport Pony Division

Sire: Deja D'Or/Dornik B
Dam: Madoc Sweetbriar Rose/Kentchurch Chimes/Trevallion


This filly is the sweetest thing on the planet.  Friendly and confident and I would expect this filly to remain a large pony (although no guarantees).  She is super easy and a joy to work around.
Her sire, Deja D'Or is described as being very amateur friendly, currently showing and winning in dressage at Third Level and we have no doubt he will continue to move up the levels and be super successful.  His sire, Dornik B, is a pony legend and one of the most successful pony stallions in dressage sport and breeding. Dornik B produced 39 licensed sons and 44 state premium mares.
Her dam, Madoc Sweetbriar Rose, came to us a couple years ago after being trained and showed in dressage up to third level with an amateur rider.     She has the the best manners and and is truly a very kind pony.
Kentchurch Chimes, a Welsh cob, showed in GP dressage through to the highest level.  He was also well-known for his dressage demonstrations throughout the country and for his superb rideability and trainability.  
In fact, this filly is loaded with exceptional stallions, all with amazing temperaments.  We are very excited about her.
SOLD.  Congratulations to Deb Heald.